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13" Buffalo Hand Drum

13" buffalo hide hand drum made by Richard Flittie. Each drum comes with its own buckskin head beater. 

  • Care of your Drum



    Your drum is an individual that has many voices. Your drum's voice will be higher when it is warm, dry and tight. Its voice will be lower when it is cool and there is a lot of humidity in the air. Because it's hide is an animal skin, it is sensitive to temperature and humidity. Often it will need to be warmed or cooled in order to sound good. To warm the hide you can put it in sunlight, hold it over candles or close to an open flame (campfire etc.), or use a hair dryer or a heating pad. This should take less that 5 minutes. So be very vigilant because extreme heat can cause the hide to tighten too much and split. Do not leave your drum in a hot car for any extended length of time. Keeping your drum covered with a cloth or leather helps keep the moisture out. Also hanging it high on a wall where it's warmer helps the hide stay tighter. And a heads up..... your pets do not know your drum is anything other that a rawhide chew toy. Please keep it out of their reach to avoid any unwanted curiosity. I recommend that once or twice a year you oil your drum with a very clean and well filtered vegetable oil, like extra virgin olive oil. Any good quality oil will do. Rub the oil onto the exterior of the drum and it's lacing and allow it to sit for a few minutes. Take a clean cloth (old t-shirt etc.) and wipe off all excess oil until there is a very light sheen left. This will provide a moisture barrio and also help keep the rawhide supple

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