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Something to Consider this Year

As the season of giving is here, many charities see an increase in donations. For some people it is easy to decide which organization to support. Many times you will want to question the legitimacy of the program and want to make sure your contributions are going to the mission you have chosen. There have been many of you that have asked at the store about contributing to any of the groups here in our community.

I would like you to take a look at this particular Native non-profit organization based here on Pine Ridge Reservation. 'Generations Indigenous Ways-Enhancing the Lakota Culture Through Indigenous Science What makes GIW different then many others is that the team members and volunteers use their own resources, vehicles, horses and time to follow through with the programs with limited funding. The youth that attend theses camps also have many fundraisers of their own to continue to participate year round.

Please visit the website and visit them on Facebook for more information and ways to help. You are encouraged to share your knowledge and expertise by volunteering. If you cannot volunteer there are other ways of helping the youth program. There is a donation page on the website. And also because of the volume of kids that participate there is always a need for supplies for the camps. Just to list a few: hiking shoes and boots, sun block, backpacks, water bottles, sleeping bags, socks, t-shirts, garden tools, organic healthy foods, crafts supplies, help to purchase a buffalo, etc.

For more information please contact Helene Gaddie. And don't forget to sign up for the newsletter for information on upcoming camps and programs!!!!

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