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About Native West Trading Company

Authentic Native American Art
My wife and I travel to areas in or around Native American reservations on a regular basis. We like to purchase true handmade art that supports the artists-funds hitting either the artists or local business that deals directly with the artist. Native West is just outside Badlands National Park -maybe 2 miles from the visitor center. The shop sells a wide range of art generated by local Sioux artists. Our visit to South Dakota had two goals- see the Badlands and feel the culture of the great plains nations. The culture was much harder to find than we had anticipated- Native West was an important find-as well as Singing Horse Trading Co in Porcupine and Prairie Edge in Rapid City.  Trip Advisor Review

Nestles in the Badlands, Native West specializes in contemporary & traditional arts & crafts from local Lakota artists. New pieces added to the gallery daily, pick up an authentic piece for your collection. We look forward to seeing you, and to share our knowledge and appreciation of Native American art, the Pine Ridge Reservation, and Badlands National Park. Some of  South Dakota's best treasures are found in the Badlands!

Native West

Art Gallery

Bead & Quillwork


Buffalo Robes & Skulls

Pendeltons, Blankets, & Star Quilts



Sioux Pottery

Native American Antiquities

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Native American
About The Owner Jennifer Reisser
Jennifer Reisser

Jennifer Reisser has been an artist her whole life. Of Creek and European ancestry, she was born in Nebraska and relocated to South Dakota in 1997. A jack of all trades, she has worked riding and managing 500 head of horses north of Rapid city along Bear Butte, performed as a veterinary technician, worked in construction, and in art galleries. She did whatever it took to support her art and horse addiction. Jennifer decided to make her home in the Badlands to stay close to family and friends and stay connected with all the awesome artists she had met along the way. 

The Native West Trading Company has been a dream of Jennifer's since she built her business from scratch in her home studio in 2002. She experienced the struggles for artists to market and sell their work in South Dakota so she opened a storefront in the Badlands to provide a much needed resource to the local native communities as well as provide quality authentic artworks to the Badlands National Park travelers.

Jennifer is a Fine-artist, a Beadworker, a buffalo hide tanning, an art restorer, a custom art framer, and a Native American and Western Art Antiquities Appraiser. Although Jennifer is always working at her store, she still enjoys her 4 horses and corgi's that live at the store.

Native West Trading Company At A Glance

  • Raw materials that we supply to local artists and craftsmen.

  • We offer a large variety of authentic traditional and contemporary art, jewelry and handcrafted items from our local artists. 

  • We are here to educate customers and visitors about NA artworks and local history.

  • Out of the way location keeps prices affordable.

  • Building a new addition to our existing store to expand. Goal is to bring in more artists, a localized place to teach craft classes and expand our appraisal and restoration services. 

  • Addition is anticipated to be finished summer of 2018.

  • Future place for a museum of local interest items and Native artifacts from the past for our customers to enjoy, experience and learn.

  • Services-Custom orders, restoration, appraisal (If we can't do it we know someone that can!)

Iron Bits

Antique iron bits, a staple item for horse culture for both indigenous and western life styles.

Lakota Bridle

19th century Santee Moccasin, restored 19th century sewing all case, and 19th century Lakota bridle cover.

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